An INNOVATIVE and INTERACTIVE high-tech platform allowing Beacon to reach, connect and inspire MORE young Australians, communities, businesses and schools.

Current Status

For 28 years Beacon has co-constructed real-world education through partnerships we build between schools and industry.  This includes curriculum, work readiness programs, work exposure opportunities, real-life industry projects and work pathways. eBeacon is an extension of this work, with the aim of reaching, connecting and inspiring more young people than ever before.

Across 2017 Beacon will be inviting our supporters to take with us the next step in our journey to REACH, CONNECT and INSPIRE more young Australians.

eBeacon, our online platform, is being developed to be a centre of excellence of teaching resources, co-constructed with industry, to revolutionise education by making it more relevant to work and more accessible to those with the greatest need.

We’d love for you to join us to discover innovative ways in which you can help us make a difference in the lives of those who are most in need.

We are currently finalising builds to enhance your experience and soon we will invite you support us.

If you would like to register your interest in participating with eBeacon, please visit our eBeacon site.

Get Involved – Career Stories 2017

What is a Career Story?

Career Stories are videos provided on eBeacon which focus on an individual’s career journey. Career Stories are used in eBeacon affiliated classrooms across Australia to bring real world relevance to curriculum topics, and to inspire and motivate young people to set goals and raise aspirations.

Beacon Foundation is seeking videos that are real, raw accounts that showcase an individual’s working journey, career pathway, daily tasks, industry practices, challenges and rewards.

Videos can be submitted either as a narrative (Maximum length: 3 minutes) or as a ‘Minute Mentor’ (Strictly 1 minute maximum).

Who can provide a Career Story?

Career stories are invited from everyone!  eBeacon aims to showcase a diverse range of jobs, industries, career pathways and skill sets. Stories are welcome from individuals at all levels of business – relatively new or experienced employees, managers, owner-operators, executives etc.

Would you like to provide young people relevant and trusted insights into your career to help embed career development in subjects and classrooms across Australia?

To find out more, or register your intent to provide a Career Story – fill out the form on this page.

Contact the eBeacon Team