Our Three Pillar Approach

The Beacon Foundation takes a preventative approach to youth unemployment and the range of societal hardships that stem from it. There is no ‘quick fix’, however, it is evident that Beacon’s proven three pillar approach provides long-term sustainable solutions.

Beacon Foundation
  • Core Community Model

    Beacon’s Core Community Model is a holistic approach to addressing low school retention rates, engagement and transitions in disadvantaged schools. It is a long term sustainable method of addressing youth unemployment and hopelessness, giving help to young Australians who need it most. Beacon acts as a conduit to bring the school, community and local business together.

    Over a three year period, it coaches the key players through the process to work together  on shared objectives, delivering a range of activities that enable young people to be workready. This results in young people with raised aspirations, confidence and motivation. They leave school with the 21st century employability skills that employers are looking for. Communities have a greater understanding and a  heightened sense of belonging and ‘ownership’  that comes from providing long term solutions for their young people.

    Beyond the three year core program, Beacon continues to support alumni schools through an online portal where schools, buinesses and communities can share knowledge, access resources, and keep up to date with new opportunities. Find out more about Beacon’s Core Community Model.

  • High Impact Programs (HIP)

    Beacon offers a series of one-day Work Readiness Programs, targeted to specific age groups spanning Years 7 -12. Each program is designed to prepare and motivate students for a successful transition from education to meaningful employment. These professionally facilitated programs have high involvement from employers, and build basic life skills ranging from personal awareness, through to dress codes, building a CV and the development of social skills in the workplace. These real-life examples aim to encourage and motivate students to recognise their own potential.  Find out more about Beacon’s High Impact Programs.

  • Real Futures Generation (RFG)

    Businesses and schools work together to provide real pathways into employment for disadvantaged young Australians. Students are invited to learn about job opportunities in interactive classroom sessions or in the workplace environment and those who develop an interest in the job opportunities are then given the support needed to secure it. In the last 18 months, Beacon has worked with 83 schools and 60 businesses and engaged 5814 young people in school to work curriculum activities. This includes providing insight into a real job via a site visit, a classroom visit from a person in industry, or work experience. In the last year, they have also prepared and placed 210 young people into real jobs. Find out more about Beacon’s Real Futures Generation.