Work Place Giving

Workplace Giving is an easy and effective way to support Beacon to provide meaningful futures for young Australians.

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They made me brave and to never give up and to trust yourself – that’s what I learnt today.

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How it works

Pre-tax donations are processed automatically from your company’s payroll. Donating with pre-tax income makes every dollar count even more. By matching your employees’ donations you double the impact of your business’ collective support – and your matched donations are tax-deductible.

If just 10% of Australian workers donated $5 per week through workplace giving, an extra $300 million would be raised for Australian charities every year!

Regular donations, big or small, allow Beacon to plan for the future and through Workplace Giving Programs it doesn’t take much to have an impact!

Benefits to employees

  • Immediate tax benefit by reducing your taxable income
  • No need to keep donation receipts as your total donation amount will be included in your annual PAYG payment summary
  • You can opt out or change the amount you donate at any time
  • Make a difference to thousands of young Australians each pay day!

Benefits to employers

  • Research shows that workplace giving programs corresponds with greater staff engagement, increased morale, retention, productivity, reputation and social impact
  • Cost-effective way to build long-term partnerships with charities
  • Provides an opportunity to match employee donations
  • Easy to monitor the level of charitable giving that your company has helped to achieve
  • Any administration costs are tax deductible

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Please contact our Director – Business Development, Anthony Garnham

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Register today or contact us to find out more about Workplace Giving. Please email our Director – Business Development, Anthony Garnham

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