Beacon Foundation is excited to announce MyRoad 2017 following a successful pilot in 2016.  MyRoad is an innovative online mentoring program, connecting students to industry mentors via video chat technology hosted on Beacon’s new online collaborative platform, eBeacon.

A high number of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds disengage from education in high school. The impact of growing up without role models who have finished school, or are engaged in employment can make it challenging for young people to see the value in completing year 12. According to the Educational Opportunity in Australia 2015 report:

  • One in four Australian students do not finish year 12
  • 40% of students from low socio economic backgrounds do not finish school
  • The gap is widening between school completion rates for young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds vs those from advantaged backgrounds

When young people at risk of disengaging from education are exposed to mentoring, they are 55% more likely to enrol in University (Bruce & Bridgeland, 2014). According to UK researcher Anthony Mann, young people who have direct contact with employers whilst still at school have a higher likelihood of progressing towards their ultimate career goal and are more likely to be gainfully employed and earn a higher income.

MyRoad supports female students to access valuable mentoring opportunities, without even leaving the classroom. Mentors will guide students through a series of structured learning modules, supporting the development of key skills required to ensure successful post school transitions.

Program Outline and Learning Objectives

  • 1. Picture Your Future

    Encourage and promote an aspirational mindset, supporting participants to develop the motivation to consider and explore post school pathways.

  • 2. Explore Your Future

    Enhance and broaden participants’ awareness of different industries, career opportunities and the broader job market.

  • 3. Build Your Future

    The identification of participants’ individual skill-sets with a focus on the development of key transferable skills.

  • 4. Plan Your Future

    Focus on career goals development, with an emphasis on participants gaining an understanding of where they want to go, how they are going to get there and who will support them along the way.

MyRoad will connect female secondary school students aged 16-19 years (or turning 16 that year) with industry mentors, in small groups (ratio of 1 mentor to 4 or 5 students). The program will be hosted on site at schools and requires 2 hours of participants’ time.

The MyRoad pilot was launched nationally in 2016 and is now fully funded until April 2018, resulting in no direct cost to schools.

What do you need to host MyRoad at your school?

IT requirements: Access to computers/tablets with internet connection for each student. Access to computer with webcam, speakers and microphone for each group. Beacon will work with teachers to workshop IT arrangements if 1:1 ratio of students to computers is not possible.

A teacher must be present when the workshop is delivered to supervise and guide the learning experience.

Want to know more?


Beacon is currently taking expressions of interest from schools who would like to host a MyRoad session in Semesters 3 and 4 in 2017. Current Beacon partner schools can contact their local Beacon representative directly. If you’re a non-Beacon school, please email


For further information on the MyRoad program, including to find out more about support opportunities please email